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“Pestilence from the Dragonstar” (9 tracks. 50:10).

Let me start out with track number six, “Successor to the Plague gods”. This is an awesome song and shows where this band’s influence comes from. I went back to double check that this wasn’t a cover tune of an early Celtic Frost song as it sounds like it could have been left over from the “To Mega Therion” or Bathory’s “The Return” recording sessions. Of course, the vocals sound a lot more like Quorthon, and much of the other music hints at some of Venom’s early mischief. Anyway, imagine Frost or Bathory starting up today with the more modern recording equiptment and an understanding at how much we appreciate their early albums and you’ll get a clue of what Bloodstorm sound like. This is fast and aggressive Black Metal with a really thick production. The overall sound is very pleasing to those of us who remember and appreciate the roots of today’s Black Metal. It seems clear to me that this American band benefits a lot from the high quality facilities available in North America, whereas Darkthrone are proud of their 4 track recordings. To each his own. But be warned, this is a CD for those who enjoy full-on Black Metal without keyboards and atmosphere. I for one appreciate all kinds of Black Metal and am glad to add this one to my collection.

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