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“Guilty of Sloth” (13 tracks. 59:50).

As the years and music both progress, new amalgams of metal evolve. One of the current innovations in sound is a fusion of crusty hardcore with doom topped off with a Southern twist. The pioneers of this genre, I suppose, would be eyehategod. Other bands include Beaten Back to Pure, and these two bands, Leechmilk and the Sofa King Killers. Leechmilk hail from my home state of Georgia and play to every stereotype of barefoot, redneck, and kissin’ cousins. Their title, “Guilty of Sloth”, says it all. It’s doomy and crusty and has all the charm of the movie Switchblade. The Sofa King Killers, while in a similar category, are more of a doomy hardcore band and frankly, more enjoyable than Leechmilk. But all in all, both bands venture into relatively uncharted waters. So if you are looking for some variety in the hardcore scene, a scene that is dominated by the NYC brand of hardcore, this split album may just be what you are looking for.

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