Ten Tough Questions

You Don't Want To Answer

adapted from "Self-Righteousness Test" in Critical Mass Issue #4

1. In biblical times, who was more likely to hang out with Jesus?

a) the religious elite, or b) SINNERS (the dregs of society)

2. Who failed to understand the meaning of Jesus' message?

a) THE RELIGIOUS ELITE (the dregs of religion) or b) sinners

3. Does going to church make you better than a lesbian? a) yes, or b) NO

4. Does listening to Heavy Metal make people evil?

a) NO, or b) yes

5. Does reading the works of writers like Nietzsche, Eistein, or Hawking make me an atheist?

a) yes, or b) NO

6. Did you know that words like "ass" and "piss" appear in the King James Translation of the Bible?

a) yes, or b) no

7. Did Jesus accept the lifestyles of sinful people?

a) yes, or b) NO

8. If God were to ask you, "Why should I allow you into Heaven", what would you say?

(your opinion here)

9. Why is it impossible to prove the existance of God?

(email me or read CM Issues 4 and 5 for my opinion)

10. What is the meaning of life?

(again, your opinion)

Now class, grade your own papers.

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