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“Epiphany” (20 Tracks. 68:00. Tie Records) Synth-Pop.

This is a richly textured CD with a synth-pop sound that might be a cross between Blue October and Joshua Tree-era U2. Songs like, “Neo Super Through” and “Starcrossed” especially have that sound. At times the vocals remind me of Steve Winwood or Bruce Hornsby, particularly on the song “That Which I Should Have Done I Did Not Do”. The keyboards are smooth and dreamy while the guitars are clean, both electric and acoustic. If the drums are programmed—and I think they are—it is hard to tell. In other words, the drums are very convincing sounding. The pop songs on this album are good enough to be heard on your local radio station. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if I happen to turn on the radio some day and hear a song off this CD. The pop songs are well-crafted and display a good balance of rhythm and melody as well as dynamics. In between many of the songs there are little ambient pieces with titles like: “If the Stars Fell on Henrietta”, and “Pity’s Long-Broken Urn”. And there is one really danceable song on this CD called, “Drug”. It get you moving.
Jordan is a two-man project that could very well be called Markos/Marcos. It is made up of Marcos Suiero and Nicholas Markos. They have a right to be proud of their recording. It is interesting, though, that this entire CD was recorded on a 4-track. You would never guess such a thing from listening to it because the productions is really crystal.

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Tie Records Chicago, IL, 60613

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