Virgin Black

“Trance” (3 Tracks. 13:55) Gothic/Metal.

I loved Virgin Black’s songs on the “Falling On Deaf Ears” compilation from Rowe Productions . . . once I got used to it! It was a bit different but the more I heard it the more it grew on me. The same is true here yet it must be noted that the music here is quite different. The music on this EP varies from soft and moody to fast and groovy. Sometimes the music is anthemic and melodic, sometimes it is downright creepy, and other times you want to mosh around the room. The opening track, “Opera de Trance” sounds almost darkwave in the beginning and then it begins to sound almost like Living Sacrifice on their “Reborn” album, then the vocals become a shrill whisper like some black metal bands do. Other times piano comes through. The same can be said about the other two tracks: ‘A Saint is Weeping” and “Whispers of Dead Sisters”. One thing is for sure, Virgin Black works the moods over on this CD. In about 14 minutes you feel as if you’ve been up and down a gothic/metal roller coaster.

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