Crystal Canyon Australian Shepherds

ASCA registered kennel

Janet & Leonard Hanson
Trail, Oregon


Last Update: 7-05-2007

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Crystal Canyon kennel is located in the lush Southern Oregon Cascades. We raise our dogs on a raw food natural diet, with pure spring water and plenty of acres to roam on. They develop into strong, healthy adults with beautiful coats, athletic bodies and a keen interest in life around them. We do hip OFA's on our breeding dogs and check eyes on a yearly basis. Each puppy or dog is sold under a written guarantee to an approved home only. They are whelped in the house and become, from birth, a part of the family, never a kennel dog.

Performance incentives are available.  All pups qualify for DNA-VP status, and are vaccinated, wormed, leash trained, and started on house training before they leave for their new homes.

Our goal is to produce a long lived family companion that will enjoy relaxing by the fire with you, as much as he will enjoy a day at the show or camping in the mountains. 

We believe the integrity of this wonderful breed lies in the careful selection of quality outcross matings and health screening using only breeding animals at least four years old that show athletic ability, intelligence, trainability and robust health.

While our main focus the last several years has been agility competition, we strive to produce structurally correct dogs capable of excelling in not only agility but obedience and conformation while still possessing the working ability Aussies were originally bred for. Many of our dogs are major pointed or titled in conformation and all get time in our pastures working cattle in addition to agility training.


Visitors always welcome!!

Please call 1-541-878-3668 for more information.

"Blue Girl" "Rowdy"
9 day old puppies

Australian Shepherds are truly one of life's special treasures. We hope you enjoy our website and feel free to e-mail us with any questions about the breed and available puppies or adults we have.


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