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The Signals





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Basic Outline

I have the materials here as bases for signals, but you and your partner must actually construct them. As mentioned in the Strategies section, there are two primary different types of signals: A one-call-for-all system, and a system where you tell your partner how many of each card you have, which I'll call the Everything System. Construct your Signal below.

One-Call-For-All System

If you are playing with this strategy, you might want to consider yelling one of the ten following phrases. Remember to fake often so your signal isn't obvious!

"Are you sure about that?"
"Can you give your signal again?"
"Go for double!"
"He/she has my card!"
"Is he/she allowed to do that?"
"This is ridiculous!"
"Say it!"
"Watch (enter opponent's name here)!"
"Watch the face cards!"
"What time is it?"

Of course, you can think of whatever you want. If the way you play prohibits verbal signals, below is a second list of ten actions that may be used. Again, these are just jump-starting ideas. The fun in the game is figuring out your own signals.

Dropping one of the side cards in your hand so it rests at a 90 degree angle.
Eating a snack next to you.
Holding the cards with one (or two hands, depending on how you started out)
Holding your cards in a V shape.
Bumping your partner under the table with your legs. (It IS legal!)
Nodding your head. (Amazingly effective)
Raising one of the cards in your hand slightly above the others.
Scratching your head.
Shifting your body in a certain way. (player-defined)
Winking. (It never fails!)

I have not completed this section yet, but check the news page everyday for additional info!