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Re-creating and perpetuating the Military & Civilian history of the

American Revolutionary War Period (1775-1783)


Lebanon Cannon

Free Men of the Sea


What is the CCMA?


Basic Objectives:

To recreate and perpetuate the 18th century Military and Civilian history of the American Revolutionary War period.


To research, preserve and reproduce 18th century practices, culture, dress and articles manufactured and used during the period of 1775-1783.

Artillery Firing Nathan Hale Homestead

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How do we accomplish this?

Each year our statewide membership actively participate, conduct, or organize any number of the following public venues:

  • Historical Lectures

  • Reenactments and Encampments

  • School Programs & Educational Displays

  • Commemorative Events/Honor Guards

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And for members and others in the reenactment community:

  • School of the Soldier Events

  • Special Member Encampments and Skirmishes

  • Member-to-Member Workshops on Skills and Trades

  • Group purchasing power and resource sharing and discounts

  • Expansive Event Scheduling Network for members

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"How can you, your family, or an entire unit become CCMA Member(s)?"

Members of the CCMA must be documented Military Units involved in the American Revolution, or the accurate portrayals of civilians, sutlers or trades people who may have lived during the time periods of 1775-1783.

Organized units must retain their headquarters within the Sovereign State of Connecticut.


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Organizations to which some of the CCMA membership may belong to or may be affiliated with:

and with numerous historical societies and museums throughout Connecticut

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How do you contact the CCMA about membership or conducting a special lecture, workshop or historical event for my organization, school or town?


Simple…Contact us!

If you want to get in touch with the CCMA via email, please contact:

Denise Steadman (President)

Jim Mathews (Vice President)

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