RMS Campania
RMS Campania
RMS Campania -- Official Cunard Line Card
Built: 1893, Fairfield Shipbuilding Co, Glasgow.
Yard No: 364
Funnels: Two
Masts: Two
Tonnage: 12,950 GRT
Dimensions: 188.6 x 19.9 m / 622 x 65.2 ft.
Engines: Triple Expansion by builders
Propulsion/HP: Twin Screw;  30,000 IHP;  21, max 23.2 knots
Hull: Steel, 4 decks and promenade deck, fcsle – 120 ft, the fcsle and poop later being extended to give a continuous upper deck
Coal:  12 Tons per hour.
Passengers: 600 – 1st Class, 400 – 2nd Class, 1,000 – Steerage
Crew: 415
The Campania was launched on September 8, 1892  and delivered April 13, 1893. She made her maiden voyage on April 22, 1893 from Liverpool to New York. At the time, the Campania was the largest and fastest ship afloat. In May 1893 she captured the ‘Blue Riband’ for a record voyage, Sandy Hook to Queenstown with an average speed of 21.9 knots. Then in August 1894 she made her fastest crossing in 5 days, 9 hours, and 21 minutes at an average speed of 21.59 knots. In 1900 while traveling at 10 knots, she collided with the barque Embleton in thick fog in St. George’s Channel in the Irish Sea. The Embleton was sliced into two and sank with the loss of 11 lives. In 1901 she was fitted with wireless. By April 1914 she had completed 250 round voyages. She was then chartered to the Anchor Line for five voyages. On October 15, 1914 she was sold to T.W. Ward for breaking up, but on November 27, 1914 the British Admiralty bought the ship and had her re-built as an aircraft carrier by Cammell, Laird & Co, Birkenhead. In April 1916 she entered service as the HMS Campania. On November 5, 1918 the Campania’s anchor chain broke in a storm in the Firth of Forth. The ship was driven against the projecting forefoot of the HMS Revenge, and was so badly damaged that she sank. All crew were saved.
SS Campania  by Tuck
RMS Campania  by Charles T DeLacy
RMS Campania -- Pub. Raphael Tuck & Sons RMS Campania -- by Charles T. DeLacy
SS Campania  by J.W.B.
SS Campania -- Pub. J.W.B.
SS Campania & Lucania  Smoking Room
RMS Campania & Lucania  Dining Saloon
RMS Campania & Lucania
1st Class Smoking Room
RMS Campania & Lucania
1st Class Dining Room
RMS Campania & Lucania  Reading Room
RMS Campania & Lucania
1st Class Reading & Writing Room
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