RMS Carpathia
RMS Carpathia  by Tuck
RMS Carpathia  -- Pub. Raphael Tuck & Co.
Built: 1902, C.S. Swan & Hunter, Newcastle
Yard No: 274
Funnels: One
Masts: Four
Tonnage: 13,564 GRT
Dimensions: 170.1 x 19.6 m / 558 x 64.5 ft
Engines: Quadruple Expansion by Wallsend Slipway
Propulsion/HP: Twin Screw;  9,000 IHP;  15 knots
Hull: Steel, 3 decks, bridge – 290 ft.
Passengers: 204 – 1st Class, 1,500 – Steerage
Crew: Not Listed
The Carpathia was launched on August 6, 1902 and was sent for her sea trials on August 22nd. She made her maiden voyage on May 5, 1903 from Liverpool to Boston. During 1904 she was used variously on Trieste to New York and Liverpool to New York routes. On April 15, 1912 the Carpathia picked up the distress signal of the sinking Titanic and sailed at utmost speed to the stated position. When she reached the scene of the disaster in the early hours of the morning, the Titanic had already sunk. The Carpathia picked up the 700 survivors and took them to New York. On July 17, 1918 on a voyage from Liverpool to the USA the Carpathia was hit by three torpedoes from the German submarine U-55 and sank 170 nautical miles from Bishop’s Rock. Five dead in boiler room. 215 were saved by the HMS Snowdrop. On May 27, 2000 the wreckage of the Carpathia was discovered intact sitting upright at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. The wreck rests 500 feet down in waters 120 miles south of Fastnet, Ireland. There are huge tears in the side of the ship’s hull and the boilers appear to have exploded as the ship sank.
RMS Carpathia  by Sam J M Brown
RMS Carpathia  -- Official Cunard Line Card
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