RMS Franconia I
RMS Franconia (I) At Fiume
RMS Franconia (I)  At Fiume -- Official Cunard Line Card
Built: 1911, Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson, Newcastle.
Yard No: 857
Funnels: Two
Masts: Two
Tonnage: 18,150 GRT
Dimensions: 190.5 x 21.7 m / 625 x 71.3 ft
Engines: Quadruple expansion by Wallsend
Propulsion/HP: Twin Screw;  18,000 IHP;  17, max 18 knots
Hull: Steel, 3 decks and shelter deck, fcsle & bridge 491 ft.
Passengers: 300 1st Class, 350 2nd Class, 2,200 3rd Class
Crew: Not Listed
The Franconia (I) was launched on July 23, 1910 and completed January 23, 1911. She began her maiden voyage on February 25, 1911 from Liverpool to New York. Upon completion of the maiden voyage she was placed on the Liverpool to Boston service, as well as cruising. During the winter months she serviced the New York to Mediterranean route. In February 1915 she became a troop transport. On October 4, 1916 the Franconia was torpedoed 195 nautical miles southeast of Malta by the German submarine UB-47 and sank 50 minutes later with the loss of 12 lives.
RMS Franconia (I) & Laconia  by Richard Oliver
RMS Franconia (I) & Laconia  -- Official Cunard Line Card
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