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Comox Valley Activities is an email list set up so that members can find other people with similar interests to share activities. Membership is open to all adults regardless of age or marital status and is FREE. All you need is an email account or access to the internet and a desire to meet new people and participate in, or organize group activities. If you wish to participate in a particular activity, contact the organizer of the event for more information.

 Posting Guidelines

In order to join please send an email to You can also join by clicking on the button below. You will be sent a confirmation email from Yahoogroups, which you must reply to in order to be added to the list. 

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Posting Guidelines

Members - You must be a member to post an activity. You can join by  following the instructions at the bottom of this page. Membership is FREE.

Posting an Event - The easiest way to post an event is to send an email to You can also post a message directly from the Yahoogroups website. - Please include the event name and date in the subject line. 

Date & Time - If you would like to post information about an event that you are organizing you must include a date, start time, and a contact name and phone number or email address.  

Cost - Many events are free, but if there is a cost associated with the event make sure that you include that information. All participants are responsible for their own costs for an activity.

Length of Posting - Please keep your posting short. You should provide all the information directly related to your event, but please do not post newsletters or calendars of events.

Digests - You can choose to receive your messages either individually or as a daily digest. Digests combine all messages that are posted into one email that is sent daily. Go to, and change your settings. 

Age & Ability - If your activity is limited to a certain age or skill level, please specify this when posting the event. 

Risk and Liability - It is important that list members be aware that they undertake the activities posted on Comox Valley Activities AT THEIR OWN RISK. Under no circumstances does the organizer of the activity accept any responsibility for the safety of the participants. The organizers and the Comox Valley Activities list owner shall not be held liable for any injury or loss suffered by a person attending an activity posted on Comox Valley Activities.

Happiness - Each member is responsible for their own happiness. Be sure to bring any food, equipment, money, and dress appropriately for the event. Don't forget to bring your sense of humor.

The success of this email activity list depends completely on the participation of the members. The more people who post events, the more activities members will have to choose from and the more activities we can all share.

If you have comments or concerns about this list or any postings on this list, please send me an email at