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The following Flash programs were Written and Designed by Mark E. Philpot. The dates represent when the file was submitted.

Rocket Game Version 1 Click a destination planet then click the rocket. Keep going till you run out of fuel. See how many points you can accumulate. (25 Nov 2002)

Rocket Game Version 2 Click a destination Planet then click the Rocket. Fly from planet to planet or back to Base. The object of the game is to be back at Base with no fuel left and hopefully a high score. My best score is 20. (26 nov 2002)

Low Fuel A small skit showing what happens when you run out of fuel. (18 Nov 2002)

Lotto Numbers Finder Random selection of six numbers. Click the $100 Button to randomise the numbers. (19 Nov 2002)

A Code to Crack. Crack the code to win the prize. Enter you numbers into the boxes at the bottom of the page then, press the "crack" button. Continue until all boxes have been cracked ( the answer is hidden on the page). Prizes cannot be claimed before the year 2099 A.D. 1