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Currently of Special Interest!

NAB Show 2009 - The Digital Media Industry Event ~ April 18-23, 2009
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Cine Gear Expo - The Film, Video, and Digital Media Expo with Focus
Exhibits: Friday June 5th and Saturday June 6th, 2009
Los Angeles, CA. Paramount Pictures Studio Lot

LDI 2009 - October 20-22, 2009
Orlando, Florida. The Orange County Convention Center

THE OSCARS - The 81st Academy Awards took place on February 22nd, 2009, on ABC
See who the Winners were and more!!
Also visit - The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences at: OSCARS.ORG

Currently of Special Concern!

Bring The Work Home - Saving Americian film industry & television production jobs!

Congressional Directory - Email your Congress Rep. regarding Industry Jobs!

Links to Cinema sites on the Web:

1. Fairbanks Center for Motion Picture Study
2. Below the Line - Crew trade paper
3. Hollywood Reporter - trade paper
4. Variety - trade paper
5. Yahoo Movies and Film
Main Page of Links!
Main Page of Links! - A Mirror Site.
And what would Movies be without POPCORN !

Other Sites you may find useful:

1. Check the Route: "Mapquest" - To get you there, once you have that gig!
2. Check the Traffic: SmarTraveler Home - Traffic, transit, and traveler information.
3. Check the Weather: at Yahoo! Weather
4. Some more Weather: The Weather Channel - Home Page
5. Check what's going on: CNN Interactive - The NEWS
6. Translate a Language: A.V. Translation
7. Convert Money: The Universal Currency Converter(tm)
8. Check where it's Shakin, in L.A.: Recent Earthquakes for Los Angeles

Other Sites you may find things of interest:

1. Webcams - (about 1,500 in all!) Listed A-Z
2a. IQ Test - Free, Fast & Fun IQ Test!
2b. Rainbow Computer Works - Photography, Art & More...
?? ?????Check out the "Personality Test" at bottom left. A right / left brain test!
2c. Real Age: A Health and Wellness Community - Discover how to lower your age!
????????Take the "Real Age" test. It's in Health Tools on the home page.
3. "HTML Compendium" - Great HTML info source!

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