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Thank God we are not OLD-FASHIONED now in the 21st century.

Somehow, the thought of experiencing and doing things without our modern conveniences simply does not turn me on.

I do not wish to return to pissy-and-poopy horse-and-buggy days without car heaters in winters and air-conditioners in summer, which rickety carriages traveled over bumpy washboard or sticky-mud-gullied paths. Nor relish the scenario of having to wake up in a cabin to freezing temperature, trudge through bitter cold and deep snow to get to a frigid outhouse potty, bring in a few frozen logs to throw in a dying-embers fireplace to melt the ice in the standing-water waterpot to swish the pissy-and-poopy portapot and throw it out God knows where.

In thankfully stark contrast, I like electrically-driven light bulbs and heaters, electrically-controlled solenoid thermostats, toasters, ovens, and microwaves. I like running hot and cold water plus flushable toilets, plus plastics and transistors and computers and satellites, and easy-start cars traveling on smooth asphalt and cement roads with dependable traffic lights.

Oh, for the GOOD OLD DAYS when girls and women were dressed modestly in chignons and long-sleeved full-length dresses and boots! Those were the days, my friend! No walking or running or biking live in-person pornography to lewdly and lasciviously terrorize the eyesight!

The Bible was the Textbook in public schools by which the inferior-gender weaker sex got divine insight on how to genuinely attract a man for marriage and family production....and how to not be a public nuisance so as to not drive him away as enemy conpetitor and combatant and not impose themselves as sexually-harassive and socially-destructive anti-safety distractions and hazards along streets, roadsides, and highways of the innocent.

So nowadays, we consequentially live in immodesty-caused indecency-based nervous stress and irritation with general lovelessness, impatience, rudeness, and hostility towards all....indifferently suspicious against the peripheral sight of those particularly-summertime IMMODEST and PARTIALLY-immodest harlot-lookalikes who cause and are primarily to blame for being the problem, but even (unfortunately) against those properly-dressed victims momentarily associating with the indecent pervertesses by happenstance temporary presence around them in churches, shopping centers, grocery stores, business offices, parks, and more.

The logical and expected recourse is: porn search and acquisition retaliation on the part of wrongly-aroused males, against which carrot-on-a-stick-tantalized males prudishly self-righteous immodest perpetratoresses disdain and judgmentally condemn and attempt to prohibit and punish with hypocritical accusation:

"So what if I immodestly burn their erotic houses down with my terroristic naked arms imposed in their faces? So what if I suddenly smash their expensive sensuous cars with my nude legs? So what if, without warning, I visually attack their penises and prostates with my loose long hair or bare-sandaled feet? It's not THAT big of a deal! If they don't like it, they can turn away and immediately get another house or car or genitalia without first calling the police to fill out a police report and calling their insurance companies. I'M not bothering them!. Besides, I thought that most "normal" guys find it pleasurable for me to violate the repeated Song of Solomon admonition to "not stir up nor awaken love before it please" by me anonymously or non-anonymously attacking them with my non-solicited public indecency (which anonymity or non-anonymity they cannot legally do anything about anyway) as I am either deliberately or carelessly/stupidly/ignorantly misdressed with mopheadedness, sleeveslessness, slackslessness, and/or sockslessness....forced into their potential or active view.

Therefore I simply cannot understand why they can't take it like men instead of carnally letting the small stuff bother them with their gutterminds so they then covertly sneak off to some free-use library computer, anonymously type in keywords of young virgins, young girls, teens, blondes, brunettes, hairy girls, hairy teens, nude yoga, etc. into search-engine search boxes, then click into free-access galleries of such, searching for sharp-resolution/true-color, enlargeable-thumbnail, non-marked, savable-to-disk photos of facially-attractive and slender-figure young women COMPLETELY naked (with soles of bare feet visible) in various positions [without being hotlinked and frustratingly diverted into further and further hotlinks of time-wasting hotlinks oblivion]."

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