Chances for Cybers

Hello and welcome to Chances for Cybers. C4C is a website dedicated to saving unwanted/neglected cyber pets. Some examples are that if you have a ckennel cleanout, and don't want a few dogs, you can send them here. Also, if someone doesn't put a pup up within your limit, and you don't have room to put it up, you can send it here. Well, now. Go explore and maybe adopt or Foster :).
Muttie, Founder C4C

April 3rd
Hi! I am the other co-owner! I'm really glad to be accepted in!!! I have put up one dog, a Bernese Mountain/Border Collie mix called Zita. By the way, my name is Jasmine! If you want to email me you can!

April 1st
Hi, I am Amanda (a co-owner) I have added a litter and 3 dogs. Also, I dont know if muttie found you, but if you adopted Smophie (from the last mixie litter), please e-mail her.

Want to be a C4C co-owner? I am looking for 2 co-owners that know about cyber dogs. I will send out adoptions, but you can just post some up here. Thanks. Just email me.

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