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Why do you need Health and Safety consulting ?

  • Have you been targeted by the Ontario Ministry of Labour and require assistance to get your program "on track"?
  • Do you need expertise and manpower to implement or enhance your Health and Safety program?
  • Have you been recently selected by WSIB for a Workwell Evaluation?
  • Do you bid on contracts to government or industry that require a Health and Safety program?
  • Do you send employees off-site for Health and Safety training when on-site is more cost effective?
  • Do you require on-going expert assistance after the implementation of your Health and Safety program?
  • Our Mission

    How can The Safe Workplace help you?

    Our Menu of Services:

  • Customized Health and Safety Manual & Handbooks
  • Workwell Evaluation Assistance
  • Health and Safety Training
  • Safety-Assist Program
  • Health and Safety Assessment
  • Contact us with your company name and current number of employees.

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