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Interfaith Australia
Updated 20 JAN '08


I've updated my links page, so have a look!

About this site:

My name is Cyrus Brooks and I live in Sydney, Australia.

This site is set up as I wanted a place to promote religious tolerance and respect.

Myself, I am a Scientologist. I am also a member of the World Conference on Religion and Peace, New South Wales branch. I am involved in many interfaith activities and I see that in this day and age it is very important to share with others what our faith is about, and to learn about others' faith and deliver the respect to others for what they believe.

Understanding each other is key to developing trust that brings peace.

Please feel free to give me any feedback.

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We have many faces, but are one people
Links to some groups I am involved in
Religious Tolerance
World Conference on Religion and Peace
Interfaith Blues Song
Religious Links
Interfaith Events
  Human Rights (Australia)
Name: Cyrus Brooks
Email: cyrus_brooks@yahoo.com.au
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