Ancient Mythologies WebQuest

The Mythology Awareness Council (MAC) will be hiring someone to create an advertising campaign to promote one of their member gods or goddesses.  Awareness of the mighty powers of their members is down, and the campaign is needed to let the world know that the MAC members are serious contenders in the world of Mythology.  This will be a multi-million dollar contract, so you are eager to win the campaign for your advertising agency.  MAC has asked for a sample campaign poster in order to help them decide which company they will choose.

Your Task:
Create a poster to advertise the powers of a god or goddess from the Greek, Roman or Egyptian mythologies.

The Process:

  1. Review the general information in your notes on Greek, Roman and Egyptian Mythology.
  2. Gather information about four gods and goddesses that might be good choices for a MAC spokesperson.  Record your research in chart form.  Here are some resources to help you.
  3. Choose one god or goddess to focus on as the best one to act as a spokesperson for MAC.  Remember that the purpose of the campaign you are creating is to raise awareness of the mighty powers of the MAC membership, so you will want to choose a god or goddess that is very powerful and will be an excellent spokesperson for your campaign.  Watch out for hidden character flaws in your spokesperson that might detract from MAC's image during the campaign.
  4. Gather more detailed information about your chosen spokesperson.  You will need an accurate description (and picture if possible) and information about their area of responsibility, their powers, major events in their myths and any other interesting facts about them.  Your point-form notes on your chosen spokesperson should be about one page in length by the time you are finished, but may be longer if necessary.
  5. Decide on an approach for your campaign, including a catchy slogan for MAC and your spokesperson.
  6. Create your poster.  Your poster should reflect the research that you have done on your chosen god or goddess.  It should also be an effective and creative advertisement for MAC and the powers of its members.

You will be evaluated on your research and your creativity, as well as the effectiveness of your advertising campaign.  You will be required to submit your research notes in addition to your finished poster.  See the rubric for this assignment for detailed criteria.

Consider the following questions and be prepared to discuss your answers during the sharing period in class at the completion of this project.
  • Why did you choose the spokesperson you did?  What made them a good choice?
  • Were there more possible choices in one of the mythologies than the others?
  • Did others make the same choice you did?  Why or why not?
  • Which types of resources were most valuable during this project?  Why?
  • What were some of the problems you encountered during this project?  How did you solve them?
  • If you were going to do this project again, what would you do differently?  The same?

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