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Hi! My name is Hawk. I'm a white lesbian/feminist woman working on my racist issues. I'm a big fan of Myke Johnson's, so I put her essay, "Wanting to be Indian: When Spiritual Teaching Turns Into Cultural Theft" on a web site so that her thoughts could be available to more people. I really feel she has a lot to say. Her work is copy-righted, so please keep this in mind and give proper credit to her is you decide to reproduce anything on this site. She's a very courageous woman who deserves all the credit she can get!

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The Stereotype Indian and Native American Spirituality | Resistance, Colonialism
and Structural Racism
| Three Traps That Non-Indians Fall Into | So What's The
| Examples of Cultural Appropriation | What Can White People Do? | Do
Your Own Spiritual Work
| Are There Any Times When Non-Indians May Take
Part in Native Rituals?
| Summary and Further Questions

Other Resources on Cultural Appropriation

The Plastic Medicine People Circle by Helene E. Hagan

Cultural Theft When Claiming One's
Cultural Identity Turns Into Thievery
by Terri Jean

****NEW!!! So Ya Wannabe Indian by Sharon Menow

Three Poems byWendy Rose by Terri Jean

Shame On! a powerful poem by Native American Lesbian, Chrystos

Reccommended / Not Recommended Reading

Links to other Sites that think critiically about Cultural Appropriation

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I've found a great group with a lot of stimulating discussion about the issues that Myke raises. Anyone who is seriously interested in working on their issues regarding cultural appropriation could benefit form this group:

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New Age Frauds and Plastic Shamans

NAFPS other site
the bulletin board is more active
than the yahoo group

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