MultiCultural Couples
    This page is dedicated to the promotion of multicultural and multiracial couples. Multicultural couples face a unique experience in life.  For the most part, this experience is difficult to share with people who do not find themselves in similar circumstances. 

     Usually a multicultural couple will find that once they have started to establish a seriouse realtionship they are immediatly faced with several challenges.  These challenges arise from misunderstandings commonly found between cultures.  Differences in customs and values (especailly where family in concerned) can prove to be unbearable.  However, we usually find that if the people invloved enter the relationship with an open mind and a teachable character, they usually end up with unique experiences that give them an "upper edge" in life.

     If you find yourself in similar circumstances, facing similar frusterations, then seek no further.  Believe me, this place is for you!  You've finally come home.... you're true home.  A place where we can all relate, where we can all listen, and where help is always available.

     Feel free to
email us, send us your story, comment on our message board, sign our guest book, etc.  As they say "mi casa es su casa".

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