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Last Updated 10:18 Pm Wednesday 19th October 2005 Face Plant - Leave these stunts to Jackie Chan.

Showing Off - This guys got everyones attention, even the hottest girl in school. Shell definitly want to go out with him after she sees his sweet jump!

Skater Clotheslinded - This skater thought the chain was lower.

Nutgrind - Another skater who wont have kids.

Wood Pile Jump - This guy tries to do a skateboard trick off a wood pile, poor results. kids.

Cat Anwsers Phone - This cat tries really hard to answer the phone.

freudian slip - Whats On Her Mind?

BackYard Wrestling - These guys are nuts. The are doing a backyard wrestling match for a bunch of people and the one dude grabs a weedwhacker and nails his opponent in the stomach. Check out the after picture at the end. Thats going to leave a mark.

Hang Leg - Just Painful.

Kid breaks Leg - This kid breaks his leg trying to jump off a brick wall.

GTA for Xbox 360 - Alright, this isnt Grand Theft Auto for Xbox 360 but it is a decent video of some dude imitating the game in real life. He did a great job editing. Would of liked to maybe see some more action or something funnier.

Kid Falls - Kid Trys To Land a 4 Foot But The Name Says It all.

Safe Sex - Foreign commercial for practicing safe sex.

Water Skier Smacks Face on Lake - Listen to how hard this guy hits the water with his face after trying a jump. You can even see his head bounce off the water before he sinks down.

Funny as Car Prank - This is Funny as He Sqwishes His Burger.

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