The Gorgon's Last Stand

By: Chris John Sams

Admiral Daala whilst withdrawing to the Core systems to repair the Gorgon and Imperial civil war, meets with a new problem. Torn between death from enemy fire and a deep depression, she fights to survive against terrible odds. Will she survive or will she become just wreckage in deepest space???

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A short story trilogy by Greig Walker

Part One:  R2 Wars
This story, set 8 years after Return of The Jedi, tells of the maniacal Admiral Daala's last plot to bringdestruction to the New Republic before conceding defeat and joining Vice-Admiral Paelleon. Enraged by heroutcast by the warring Imperial warlords, Daala has discovered a class of SB-20 espionage droids from thesecret Maw Installation's files with which she will strike at the very heart of her enemies and gain the power and acceptance she craves.

Part Two:  Cloaked Terror
In this story, set after Darksaber, Daala has been demoted to the rank of Captain and has evaded capture by Han Solo. Guilty at losing Daala, Han begins a quest to end her reign of terror just as she finds and activates one of Grand Admiral Thrawn's clone sleeper units, taking command and promoting herself to Grand Admiral. With a cloaked warship and a sinister master plan she gets her new soldiers to join her in her hunt for Solo. Expect shocking revelations!

Part Three:  Dark Awakening (coming soon)

Admiral Daala

By:  Daala #2
Author's Statement:
I wrote this story because Admiral Daala has no past.  There are constant, references to it (Moff Tarkin, Liegeus) but no one has ever done an all-encompassing life story about her.  So since I really like Daala I decided to  write that life story myself instead of hoping someone else would.  I set about laying some foundations under theories and ideas of mine and building up a story in my head. Then I began writing. Since I have a rough outline of the sequence of events in her life I know how to lay it out and unlike most of my tales this one should get finished eventually. The story runs from Daala's most vivid memory of her young years, age eight, to her future living out her days on Peddicus Chorios. It is from her point of view and I hope you enjoy it. I liked writing it.

Part One: Daala

Part Two: Carida

Part Three: The Road to High Rank

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