Deafness Advocacy Association Nova Scotia

Mission Statement

"To Promote the rights and needs of an estimated
55,000 Deaf, and hard of hearing, and late deafened Nova Scotians."
Deafness Advocacy Association Nova Scotia
1660 Hollis Street, Suite 803
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3J 1V7

(902) 425-0119 TTY
(902) 425-0240 Voice
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(902) 425 0119 Videophone

Staff Directory

Linda (Lelievre) Quigley - Executive Director
Marie Josee Crawford - Community Development Coordinator
Executive Officers 2009 - 2010

Elliott Richman - President
Tammy Martin - Vice President
Nancy S. - Secretary
Alan Williams - Treasuer

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Facebook Workshop

Wednesday November 18, 2009

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Employment Enhancement Program

Deaf employees who are interested in taking up CPR, WHIMS, OHS or other courses shared the costs with their workplace



Press Release


"Thank you" to everyone who participated in the tty payphone test at the Halifax Shopping Centre in 2006.  Your comments were heard across Canada!  The T-9 technology that was going to be used for tty payphones is no longer going to happen because you did not like it.  Based on your feedback, a new "blackberry" (qwerty) style keyboard is now available on many, many payphones across Nova Scotia. 

These new payphones can be found in more places than the old tty payphones with the slide out drawer.  They are being installed in hospitals, malls, grocery stores, corner stores, gas stations, the airport, ferry terminals, bus and train stations, etc. 

Now, we all agree that it would be nice if Aliant would set up videophone payphones, but that's not going to happen for a while.  So until then, it will be great to have tty payphones available in many more places across Nova Scotia.

What do they look like?  Below are two pictures – one of the full payphone and one of the qwerty keyboard seen under the key pad of the pay phone

new pay phone.jpgnew pay phone 2.jpg



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Sound Beginnings

A guided tour through the maze of services and supports
for youth and adults newly experiencing hearing loss

Starting Point - Second Edition

A Resource for Parents of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children


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