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Si Valley, home of the Geek.


I define geekness as doing things based on logic, especially where this flys against the 'normal' or 'accepted' way of doing things. So geeks know they are right, and everyone thinks they are weird, and geeks are happy to be thought weird.

So here are some things that are both logical and abnormal:

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The name is Daiajo Tibdixious pronounced Die-Ah-Joe Tib-dix-ee-ous.

Letter thingies: BSc, MACS

My initials are DDT, but I have no middle name. If I did have a middle name it would be "Dee".

Here is my son, Divaneel at age 3. The quality is terrible, because it was scanned from a newspaper. He just happened to be picked for the shot while at the local shopping centre.

For any other info, refer to my Geek Code Sequence.

I do Digital/VAX|Alpha/VMS technical support for regular income.

I'm proud to say I'm an Amway distributor thru Interlink, which provides me with personal development training and something emensely rewarding to do with my time. [In case you didn't know, just joining Amway (in a most countries) can save you a lot of money, not just by accessing wholesale prices on everyday items, but thru negotiated discounts with phone companies, petrol companies, ... So the worst you can do is save thousands of dollars a year.] Interlink is an Australian branch of International Leadership Development (ILD) in the United States.

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