Alex gazed at the diamond ring on her finger. The ring that Walker had placed there so lovingly only a few hours ago. The light above her head caught the prism of colors embedded in it, sending tiny rainbows to dance upon the walls of her hospital room. She felt the tears once again begin to well up inside her. She smiled, as tears began to slowly make paths down her cheeks. They were tears of immense happiness. Tears for the good times to come in her and Walker's new life together. She remembered the look in his eyes. It had spoken volumes. The tears flowed freely now, for the man she loved with all her heart. Walker. Over and over again, her mind repeated...He proposed to me!


The roller coaster of events that had started about a week ago and that had proved almost fatal for her, were finally over. What had started out as a joyful day, then had gone so horribly wrong, had come full circle now. It had ended up turning into today; the happiest day in her life.

Brushing away her tears, the pretty blonde let her mind wander back to Kim and Phil's wedding day. She didn't want to relive the terror, or the fear she had seen in Walker's eyes, but she knew she would have to face her demons head on and conquer them. Put them in the past if she were. to be able to move forward with her life. Her life with Walker.

She thought first about the look in Walker's eyes as he placed his arm around her waist and had told her she looked beautiful. Her heart had raced at his comment. And when he had said, "I have something I want to ask you."  She could remember her breath catching. 

He had said it so casually but she hadn't missed the gleam in his eyes. She could still see his teasing look as he told her she had to wait until after the wedding to find out what it was. Then he'd flashed her that special smile, the one he saved for her alone, the smile that made her heart skip a beat. He'd then lowered his head to place a soft gentle kiss upon her waiting lips.

She'd had a hard time concentrating on the wedding ceremony after that. "Walker wanted to ask me something. What could it be?" Could she dare to hope that after all these years, that it might be a proposal? She had looked at him and their eyes had locked for an instant. They had smiled at each other. The curiosity of what he wanted to ask her was consuming her thoughts, making is so hard for her to concentrate on what was going on around her. But she once again pulled herself away from his eyes, and tried to focus on her friends' happy day. And then suddenly, Walker had anxiously yelled "Alex, get back!" as all hell had broken loose.

There had been so much confusion and it all had happened so fast. Alex could once again feel the fear she had experienced, as she had tried to keep Walker in her line of vision, needing to see for herself that he was alright. But it had been useless, she had lost sight of him almost immediately in all the turmoil. The explosion of the gazebo. The people being thrown in the air. The sounds of gun fire. The fighting. The cries of pain. The screams of terror.

And then, just as quickly, it was over. The suspects were being rounded up and hand cuffed. The guests were picking each other up making sure everyone was alright. Anxious voices calling out and then hugs of relief being exchanged as loved ones found each other well and unhurt.

Finally she saw him.

Walker was alright.

"Thank God," she remembered thinking. The flood of release at this discovery was reflected in the beating of her heart and the smile that brightened her face. She had moved to get to him as quickly as she could. Walker had started towards her also, relief also evident in his eyes. Alex could remember wanting to run to him and throw herself into his arms. She wanted to tell him so many things. But she hadn't. She had held back. She'd wanted to be in his arms so badly, aching to feel them around her. Telling her it was over. Protecting her. Calming her.

And then the sound that came from out of nowhere, shattering the moment. A single gunshot. So loud. So unexpected. It sprang forth in the air, breaking into the joyous sounds once again
Walker had once again shouted for her to get down.

But she couldn't. It was already to late. She had been frozen where she stood. At first she had thought it was from the shock of the unexpected sound. But all too soon, she felt it. The pain.. The warmth of the blood beginning to stream down her back. The blackness that grew rapidly, beginning to consume her very being. The fear. By the time Walker had turned to her, she had known then that her world was probably ending. What might have been with this wonderful man who stood before her, would never be. She knew she had been shot. She also knew it was bad, real bad. She could already feel the life begin to escape from her body with the blood that spilled from the wound.

Even now Alex trembled violently as she relived the memory.  She'd felt she had to tell Walker she loved him before she died. She did manage to utter one word, his name, before she began to slowly slide to the ground. She tried to say more, but her body wouldn't let her. Her world began to go dark.  

The last thing she remembered seeing was his eyes as the realization of what was going on hit him full force. Walker had kept repeating her name over and over again. "Alex...Alex..." She'd wanted to calm his fears, but she couldn't. "I Love you Walker! I'm so sorry you have to endure yet another death. Please forgive me for leaving you. I don't want to leave you!" Over and over her mind rang with her heart's feelings. But he couldn't hear her. He would never know. The vision she would carry with her to eternity would be the look in his eyes. The look of disbelief. The look of great sorrow. The look of pain. And the sound of his words..."Oh my God" she had slipped into unconsciousness.


Alex tried to slow her breathing as she brought herself back to the present. She was shaking with the emotions that rolled over her in giant waves. Taking slow deep breaths, she willed herself to relax.

She remembered she had been so scared. How she'd really thought she would never see Walker again. Never again see his wonderful smile. Never again be able to look in his eyes. Never feel him touch her again. Never have the chance to tell him what she should have told him so many times before. God it had hurt, it hurt so badly. Not the physical pain, but the pain in her heart. And it still hurt. It had been too close..

Alex once again looked at the ring on her left hand. It gave her the strength to go on with her memories. The memories she had to deal with to lay them to rest. Forever.


The next thing Alex remembered was the day she had almost let go. She could sense her life slipping away. Slowly at first, she felt herself being pulled towards eternity. She fought it. She had fought it hard. She didn't want to die. But she couldn't stop it.

She'd heard CD crying. It had torn into her very soul. She wanted to reach out to him and comfort him, but she couldn't. She didn't want to leave the people that she loved so dearly. Jimmy, CD....Walker. She didn't want them to have to go through it. She loved them too much. Especially Walker. He had lost so much in his life. His Mother. His Father. Uncle Ray. So many others. It wasn't fair for anyone to have to go through all of that. And now he would once again have to deal with it.

The thing that hurt her the most was that he wouldn't know. He wouldn't know because she had never told him. Alex had never told him what he meant to her. She had never told him that she loved him. She LOVED him. She always had. And always would. She had fought so hard for days now, but still she felt herself drifting slowly away. It was doing her no good. The fight was all in vain. She couldn't get back to Walker. That is when Alex decided to end her fight for life. It was to late. She couldn't tell Walker how she felt now, so why bother fighting anymore. It just wasn't meant to be. She felt herself drifting further away, almost out of anyone's reach.

Then it happened. Just when she thought she had no more fight left in her, she could feel a powerful spirit.

It was Walker. She couldn't see him. But she felt him. She felt Walker. She felt the touch of his hand on her forehead. Touching. Caressing. Trying to send her his strength. Trying to send her the will to live. The will to fight harder than she had ever fought for anything before. As the fog surrounded her, she heard him speak to her.

"Alex. Don't leave me."

His voice sounded so far away. So out of reach. So sad. So helpless. So tired. He was reaching out to her. Trying to pull her back. Back to life. Back to him.

He laid his head beside hers. Alex felt tears. Walker was crying. Crying for her. He was willing her to fight. Sending her the strength to keep fighting. To keep fighting to come back to him.

Alexs' spirit gathered strength from him and began to fight once more.

"NO! I can't give up. I can't leave Walker. I can't. I have to live. I have to. I won't give up. I won't leave Walker!"


Her spirit and Walker's together had won the battle. Her body began to heal itself. She had been so tired when she had finally awoke. But she had done it. She had struggled to let CD know that she was finally awake. She shouldn't have been able to speak but she did. A soft "CD" had been all there was, but it had been enough. The Doctor had been summoned to check her out. His final remark before he had left her room was..."It has to have been a higher power that pulled you through this, cause we had done all we could for you." Alex had smiled as she thought to herself, "You're right. It was a higher power. It was the power of Love and the good Lord above."

Alex snuggled deeper into her pillow as the demons of what had happened were finally put to rest. It was over now. Storm had been stopped. It was time to move on. Now she could enjoy the things that occurred after she had awoke. "Yes", she smiled to herself, "on to the happy memories now. In his eyes..."


The nurses had been nice enough to help her make herself a little more presentable before they would let CD back in the room with her. Alex knew they had done a good job, when CD walked through the door, telling her she was as pretty as a fresh peach, as he placed a kiss on her cheek. The smile on his face meant the world to her, she loved this man like a father.

CD filled her in on what had happened while she had been in the hospital. She tried to keep her end of the conversation up, but all she could really think of was Walker. Time crept by until finally she looked up...there he was. Walker. He walked through the doorway with his hat in his hands, staring at her. Alex felt the breath catch in her chest.

He looked so tired. Worn out. But in his eyes Alex could see the relief, and more.

She was suddenly aware that Jimmy was handing her a plant. She accepted it as she kissed his cheek. Then he moved away, leaving a path to her for Walker.

Walker had moved forward so slowly. Time seemed to stand still. No one else existed. It was just the two of them. Alex could tell by looking in his eyes he was having a hard time keeping his emotions inside. His low throaty "Hi", and the fact she could see the tears of happiness in his eyes, brought mist to her own eyes then and even now.

"Walker is such a strong man", she remembered thinking, but in that instant, Alex knew that he was as vulnerable as everyone else. Maybe even more so, because he did try to hide his feelings from everyones view. He couldn't though. Not this time. Not anymore. And never again. Alex could read it all in his eyes.

Walker had taken her left hand in his, caressing the back of it with his thumb. "I missed you" he had whispered, in his low sexy voice. And then Alex's dream came true. Walker proposed to her. He had gently slipped the ring on her finger as he looked deeply into her eyes and simply stated, "Would you marry me?"

So simple. Nothing fancy. Just four little words. But in his eyes... His eyes were what spoke volumes. In his eyes Alex could see the depth of his love for her. He didn't say "I love you." He didn't have to say anything. It was there. In his eyes.

Alex pulled him to her as she cried and softly whispered "Yes....Yes." and then slowly their lips touched, sealing their vow of commitment to each other.

Alex didn't know how long they had stayed that way. Wrapped in each others arms. They would pull back long enough to look into each others eyes before kissing again, and again they would continue to hold each other tightly. They didn't speak. There was no need to. Everything they had to say, they said with their eyes. And then Jimmy and CD had poked their heads back into her room.

Alex laughed as she remembered the looks on their faces when Walker had told them that he had proposed to her and that she had accepted. It had been priceless. They had stood there a few seconds, stunned, their mouths hanging wide open. Then they had grabbed each other and started dancing around the room. They had all laughed and after Jimmy and CD both had congratulated them, CD had immediately started planning a big engagement party for them as soon as she felt up to it.

The nurse had finally informed them that now that Alex was awake and out of danger that they would all have to leave so she could get some rest. Jimmy and CD had said their goodbyes, leaving Walker behind "So he could have some privacy to say goodbye to his fiancee" they had teased on their way out the door.

As they had closed the door behind them Walker had once again moved to sit on the bed beside her. He picked her hand, holding it gently as he gazed at her. "I Love you Alex", he had whispered in his deep throaty voice.

Tears sprang to her eyes as he had lowered his lips to once again claim hers. It had been a kiss like none she had ever experienced before, and it had taken her breath away. As he pulled back Alex could remember seeing the love...the happiness...the promise...the commitment...the future to come...right there...
In his EYES!

The End

In His Eyes
October 1998