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My brother Corban passed away April 21, 2001...
I miss him so much...He was a very gifted writer and poet...
I hope to soon post some of his work on my site...
As brothers and sisters have their ups and downs, our love
of writing brought us together...I love him...
When he died I wrote this poem.

Senseless, painful
Missing part...
Empty, blackness
In my heart.
Looking backward
Into time...
Passed by quick
Brother of mine.
Here, gone
Time has come...
Left us here
God's will be done.
Want to join you
Not my time...
Missing you
Brother of mine.
Aching, sadness
Never fade...
Angry at you
Wish you'd stayed.
Looking forward
To the time...
When I see you
Brother of mine.
Darkness falls
One last dream...
We're together
In this scene.

I reach out
It slips through my fingers
I lay under the black sky
Diamonds glitter in the night

I feel it
A painted sunrise
Becomes so real
The morning is peaceful and serene

I need it
Like a blanket soft and warm
Pull it closer to me
Surrounds me like the heat of a midday sun

I start anew
So much to give from deep within
A smile, a sigh
This sunset will live forever in my soul

If you love me then give me time, not only to find
the things within you, but also to find the things within me

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