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Letters & DanceTalk - August 2002 - All letters

4 Please add to your studio list (Dancequisite Dance Studio – Nelspruit l Social l 083 304 1925) – D Fourie

4Dans Extravaganza wat plaasvind – Maureen

4Gardel's featured on Top Billing - Sonia

4Belly Dance videos - Shawn

4A lesson in Social dancing – pros & cons

4Invaluable Adjudication Feedback – KZN

4Argentine Tango & Salsa Studio – Cheryl

4Belly Dance - Beginners workshop in PTACharlotte

4Have Your Say – in Aussie land

4Please add our entry to KZN – Alan & Sara

4Belly Dancing in the Cape – the Wells’

4You are supposed to breathe while you dance – topical

4Longest Non Stop Dancing - Wynand and Penny

4Husband and I won the Senior South African Ballroom Championship in 2001 - Shannon

4Interested in obtaining some of the video instructional tapes – Neil

4Looking for a Dance Studio in the FourwaysChanelle


Letters & DanceTalk - July 2002

Looking for someone to dance the Argentinean tango with me – Cheryl

IDTA update – Madeline 

Spot, without breaking your neck – interesting

Intake for beginners into the studioCharlotte

Belly dancing instruction videoAnjali

Good newsLydia

You really don’t want to get yours and Cuban Corner’s titties in a tangleHendrik

Floorcraft in competitions – important

Vilification of exhibition teacher and other slurs are what is really disgusting – Johan

Timing in Cha-Cha is 2, 3, 4&1, right – Latin Mambo

Hustle in Russia - Vyacheslav

I saw your video and steps package on the net and think this would be perfectRhona

Exhibition teacher totally slammed, it was disgusting – appalled

very interested in dancing in groups – belly dancer

e-judging for comps – disappointed

DanceWell Exam/Exhibitions Results - 13 July 2002

Cha-Cha timing and break – topical

JHB Social Club – Roger

Chinese maker of shoes Zhang

Competition Essentials – topical

Looking for 2-3 couples for a Swing Dance Show - 'Swingprofessor' Oliver

Complete book on social dancing – Ronnie

Introduction to Belly dancing – charlotte

Connection – topical


Letters & DanceTalk - June 2002


DanceWell’s  Function Results – 8 June 02

Academy Belly  Dance had a very successfull 30 mins showphyllis

My new Belly Dance webpage – charlotte

 Winter Ball – 22 June 02 – BOOK NOW - Lydia 


Letters & DanceTalk - May 2002

Belly Dancing Classes in Pretoria - charlotte

DanceWell Studio: Exam Results – 11 May 2002

congress cancelled!!!ryno

Argentine Tango Workshop - donald

Belly Dance workshop – charlotte


Letters & DanceTalk - April 2002

Nervousness - dictionary

verbal cue - topical

Indian cultural dancingnadia

Basic Basicsterrence – jay’s reply

WP comp results for this year are not available on the internetanja

The trials and tribulations of a TRY-OUT - dancer’s dictionary

Back to Basics... 3-piece live band for hire - deon  

Floorcraft at comps – dancer’s dictionary

Need Ballroom help from your video instruction tapeNatasha

very much interested in buying Spanish Dresshala

Partners are sometimes… - topica l

What makes a good posture ? – techno

Flying with Pride: The Story of the South African Flaglana

6 year old son, who wants to learn modern social dancing and freestylesandra responds        

A teacher required for Ballroom & Latin / Social Dancing at Paul & Sandy's Studio  - sandra


Letters & DanceTalk - March 2002
bargains for belly dancers - ipatia
looking for a partner - john
THE DanceSport Congress of the year, don't miss it... Let us make dancing a team sport ! - ryno
 effective practice - topical<
Review : DanceWell studio Exhibitions - 9 March 2002
off to Egypt for more belly dance training - charlotte
 Photos : DanceWell Studio Exhibitions - 9 March 2002
can you recommend a latin studio? - louise
one thing has really ticked me off - carl
 Exam Results - DanceWell Studios - 9 March 2002
I teach Argentine Tango in Cape Town - daniel & linda
have problems with Fedansa National - dedicated dancer
the problem isn't the judging system, it's the judges - 2002 winter olympics   - dan
DanceSport Comp results - 23 Feb 2002
 does size in a partnership count - topical