P. O. Box 5007, Walnut Creek, CA 94596 USA

A non-profit organization founded in 1958 by Marge Bronson

To promote the ethnic music and dance of the Pacific; bring together for the mutual development persons who are interested in and wish to learn the dances of the Pacific; foster friendship and stimulate a spirit of mutual confidence, helpfulness and loyalty among the membership and between the membership and other individuals and groups of similar interests.

Dances of the Pacific will present their 40th annual show
on Friday, June 9, 2000. Show time: 8 pm
at the Dean Lesher Regional Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek, CA.

Photos are from 1998 show.

The 2000 Dances of the Pacific Show
Featuring the D.O.P. Dancers &
dancers & musicians of Spirit of Polynesia

Tickets are $15.00 for adults,
$11.00 for seniors & youth 12-17,
$8.00 for children under 12.
Tickets can be purchased by calling: 925-943-SHOW or at the boxoffice.

We have many excellent teachers. Betty Lei'ala Hughes has been teaching hula for 39 years. Nona Beamer has been a mentor to our organization and Betty teaches the "Beamer method". Jim "Kimo" Baird teaches Tahitian and dances from other islands as well as drumming. Kimo also has a professional troupe called "Spirit of Polynesia" that tours and performs on cruises. Nina Spinosa teaches the children's Tahitian, helps teach the ladies Tahitian classes and is a dancer in "Spirit of Polynesia". Ami Kimora & Alyce Martinez teach the Beginning Hula and Lorna Marten is our Maori teacher. All our teachers are very skilled and experienced. The classes are alot of fun. We stage an annual show every year in spring/summer.

Adult dancer$10.00
Adult Non-Dancer$5.00
Teen & Jr. (0-17 years)$5.00

  • Make checks payable to Dances of the Pacific.
  • Membership includes insurance coverage when dancing with Dances of the Pacific, dancing with Dances of the Pacific, voting privileges, newsletter, invitations to annual Christmas Party and Spring meeting.
    For more information call Membership Chairperson Nancy Rockwell (925)945-7656
    or e-mail

    Lessons are available through theWalnut Creek Leisure Services. Call (925)943-5858 to register.
    Hula - Teen Mon 6-7pm10 wks $46.00LSS509
    Hula - Women, Int-AdvMon 7-8pm 10 wks $46.00LSS510
    Hula - Sr's 55+Mon 8-9pm10 wks $46.00 LSS511
    Men Haw/Tah Drum/danceMon 7:30-88 wks $19.00 LSS556
    MaoriMon 7-8pm6 wks $28.00 LSS5507
    Tahitian - BegMon 8-9pm8 wks $37.00 LSS 554
    Tahitian - Int/AdvMon 8-9pm8 wks $37.00 LSS555
    Tahitian - Sr. 55+Mon 9-9:30pm8 wks $19.00 LSS557
    Hula Women Beg/AdvWed 7-8pm10 wks $46 LSS513

  • All above classes are held at Civic Park Community Center, Walnut Creek.
    Hula & Tahitian-Beginning, ages 5-11Wed 3:15-4pm 10 wks $37.00LSS 515
    Hula & Tahitian - Int,ages 9-12 Wed 4-5pm 10 wks $46.00LSS515
    Maori beg/Int ages 6-12Wed 5-6pm 6 wks $28.00LSS5508
  • Children's classes are held at Heather Farms Park, Walnut Creek

    For information on other Polynesian businesses, organizations or events visit

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