Ayane                                      If you're at this site well you either have really good luck or you have played two of the          Bass                                 greatest fighting games of all time. Maybe thats just my opinion but it's still an awesome series
Bayman                         The first one had so much replay value it's not even funny and the second one, well that one
Ein                              just plain rules. Although the story lines lack depth they still manage to be really innovative and
Gen fu                          well rule (i think i said that already).
Helena                                Dead or Alive
Jann Lee                           The game takes place in the real world at the present time (seems like it). There is a tournament
Kasumi                        like in many other fighting games and well that seems to be it. The fighters compete for their own
Lei Fang                      reasons that all make sense (at least some do).In the end you realize there was no story to the game
Leon                            really, but you paly it again....and again until you have all the costumes and extra characters and
Raidou                         your thumbs are nothing more than bloody stumps.
Tina                                      Dead or Alive 2
Zack                             DOA 2 takes place shortly after the first tournament but that is just an assumption. The characters
                                   from the first game are all there plus several new ones. The only character that DOA 2 is missing is
                                    Raidou (the final boss in the first game) but Tengu makes up for that. The story lines are inproved a
                                  great deal but are still full of holes. The amazing graphics and gameplay make up for the holes easily.
                                   When i first played the game I was dissapointed with the lack of secret characters and costumes
                                   until I got the Japanese limited edition version and well I was so satisfied that I made this web page.

                        DOA 2                                                           DOA
          Ouch......I hate those two:(                                      Yeah Tina, you kick Zack in the head!

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