Sorry to everyone hopeing to find a good rpg or anime page full of intensive
info and an overall good layout,this site isnt that and
never will be.Nope this site
is my little keep so I myself can have an easier time getting to places and so some of my work wont go in vain....or if you just want to see what kind of person I am.The old sites layout was just too much to maintain,im no big web master AND this is geocities.If  I wanted a big profffesional site id go learn coding and get the hell off this sorry server....uh well if your the 1% of the internet population might I recomend going to download 1 of our fabolous roms:D(whenever I get em up)..and uh...make yourself at home AND DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT STEAL ANY OF THIS GRAPHICS.They were all either ripped from roms or edited by

Welcome humans and alike to my realm,im Tiamet  keeper of this place.Please make yourself at home unless you seek to  harm the balance of mana and nature here.
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