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First of all i have to say that i love my boyfriend Wesley so much! I sware i would die without him! I LOVE YOU WESLEY 626!!! XoXoX
I live in Burnaby and go to Moscrop Secondary! I listen to music non-stop and i love chick-flicks & Dani & Drea Days! woot! AHOY! I also love surprises! I try to make the most of what i have and i live by these quotes:
"I cannot make the days longer so i strive to make them better" // "everything happens for a reason" // "dont concentrate on what could be concentrate on what is"
Pizza, Watermelon, Cherries, and McDonald's are my favourite food. Diet Pepsi and Mocha Frappuccinos are my favourite drinks. Hawaii, Bellingham, Julie's house, and Wesley's house are my favourite places to be! Shopping and tanning are my favourite things to do besides hanging out with my friends!
I have a cat (missy) and 2 hamsters (joey and todd). Missy's a bitch and the hamsters bite so i really have nothing to do with any of them haha. and I'm getting a mini weiner dog in the fall! 
I love music! I listen to: Blink182*TheUsed*Yellowcard*BritneySpears*ChristinaAguilera*
TheEagles* and many more...long list eh? haha

My favourite shows are Friends*That70sShow*

My favourite movies are FindingNemo*CityOfAngels*WaynesWorld*
Beauty&TheBeast*TheLionKIng*Tarzan* and again there's more...
In my free time besides watching movies or listening to music i do pretty much whatever i feel like doing. If i really dont know what i want to do i'll snaz myself up and take pictures with my webcam haha. ya i know i'm a dork - don't worry you'll get over it! haha
My friends and Family are the most important thing to me...without them i wouldn't have been able to survive all the things i have had to get thru. I live with my mom (Shelan) my dad (Cameron) and little sister (Kelsey), I have 6 aunts, 6 uncles and 11 cousins with probably more in the future and 5 grandparents but i've never met my dad's real dad. I don't talk to my dad's side of my family (it's a long story) but the half i do talk to including my granny, opa, auntie Jenn & uncle James, auntie Kate & uncle Murray, and cousin Jessie. I <3 you all! I love my whole family! I wanna say a special i love you to my baby Wesley! xoxo and my friends: Drea K, Julie W, Jess C, Dee S, Nikki G, Georgia K, Matt C, Myles G, and Roja S!! mwuah xoxoxo

And for the future: i can't wait to get out of school so i can spend the rest of my life with Wesley! *hug*kiss*