Crathes Castle Castles
Crathes Castle is located in the whiskey country west of Aberdeen Scotland.  There are many of the more famous Scottish distilleries nearby.  The castle itself  is more like a stately home than a castle.  It has a main tower keep that is richly appointed inside.  The furnishings and artwork alone are worth seeing.  If I recall correctly one of the bedrooms had a four-poster bed frame that was ornately carved and quite beautiful.  My son Douglas's favorite thing about this castle  was that it had a wonderful playground on the grounds. The playground had a 200 foot cable slide that looked like something out of a James Bond movie.  At its highest point the cable was probably 15 feet above the ground!  It's wonderful thing that the British are not as litigous as people in the US because you would never find a similar playground in the U.S..  Too many lawsuits.
My mom, wife, and son stroll through the gardens around the castle.