Culcreuch Castle Castles
Culcreuch Castle is located in central Scotland in the small village of Fintry.  It is about a one hour drive from Glasgow.  The castle, which is 700 years old,  has been converted into a hotel where guests can stay overnight.  The castle and grounds are quite beautifully appointed and well maintained.  There is even rumored to be a ghost that inhabits one of the guest rooms in the original keep.  The dungeons have been turned into an informal dining area and pub.  My family and I spent a couple nights at Culcreuch castle during our vacation in Scotland in 1998.  My wife and I were celebrating our 15th wedding anniversery, so we decided to do something special.  We stayed in the Baron's suite, while my mother and son had their own room nearby.  We had a great time exploring the castle and grounds during our stay.  My favorite part of our stay was dinner on the second night.  I had done some trout fishing at a nearby loch and brought two nice fish back to the castle.  I spoke with the staff about cooking the fish for me, and they made arrangements with the chef to cook and serve the trout for our dinner that night. It was one of the best meals I had on our vacation!
A postcard view of the castle