Fishing in Western Pennsylvania

Lake Arthur (Moraine State Park)

I generally fish at the eastern end of the lake along the Muddy Creek arm or near the waterfowl propagation area.  My preferred methods of fishing are casting along the shoreline or pitching top-water lures amongst large patches of lily pads.  Lately I have seen that Mann's 1-minus crankbaits outfish spinnerbait about 3 to 1 when casting to the shoreline.  I think the bass have seen far too many spinnerbaits over the years.

My observation has been that weather patterns play a huge role in your fishing success on this lake.  Fish before a storm front passes through the area.  Fish on overcast days or early morning.  Don't bother fishing after cold fronts.

Recommended lures: 
Mann's 1-minus crankbaits,  Mann's Rat, Spinnerbaits
Map of lake and tips

I caught this striped bass on Halloween 2001 with a Cordell Big O on a weedy flat that was 6 feet deep Dave Cuervo holds a largemouth bass that he caught in some lily pads with a Mann's Rat A nice largemouth bass that I caught along the shoreline with a Mann's 1-minus crankbait