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Fishing on Lake Nipissing - Ontario Canada
Lake Nipissing is my favorite place to fish in the whole world.  It is peaceful, uncrowded and teeming with fish.  My family and I have vacationed there for the past seven summers.  We stay at a resort called Tom Rae Lodge, which offers all the amenites including a pool, hot tub, and game room for the kids.
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Tom Rae Lodge
More Fishing Tips for Lake Nipissing
Early morning view from the cottage at Tom Rae Lodge
Here is the short list of tips that should help improve your fishing on the Lake Nipissing:

1. You don't need to go far to find fish. There are plenty of quality fish in Fish bay.
2. Use shallow diving or weedless lures.
3. Use steel leader or snap swivels to prevent your line from being cut.
4. Let your boat drift with the wind.  The wind will take you to the fish.
5. Fish in the rain or right before it rains.
6. Look for cabbage weed if you want pike.
7. Look for submerged rocks near deep (10 ft +)  water if you want smallmouth bass.