Monty Python
I have been a huge fan of Monty Python since 1976, when I first saw it on WQED, the PBS affiliate in Pittsburgh.  There is something about the "dry" British humor that struck a chord with me.  Over the years I have followed the Pythons through their many movies, independent projects, and spin-offs.  My favorite member of the group is John Cleese.

I have probably seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail at least 25 times and can recite many of the lines from memory. During a trip to Scotland in 1998, I visited Doune and Stalker castles, which were both used during the filming of the movie.

When I was attending college at Penn State, I was an active member of the Monty Python society on campus.  I met my wife, Roxianne, while selling T-shirts for a society fund raiser.  You could say that Monty Python has definitely influenced my life, and for the better I might add.

My top ten favorite Monty Python sketches from the Flying Circus TV program:

The Pirrahna Brothers (my son is named Doug…. Hmmm)
The Cheese Shop
The Dead Parrot sketch
Twit of the Year contest
How to Defend Yourself against Fresh Fruit
Ron Obvious
Advantages of Not Being Seen
The Wizzio Chocolate sketch
Four Yorkshiremen
Australian Philosophers

A summary of Monty Python related movies and television programs I would recommend:

Monty Python and the Holy Grail
And Now for something completely different - Early Python sketches
Monty Python Live at Hollywood Bowl
Monty Python's Life of Brian
Fawlty Towers - John Cleese at his best
Yellowbeard - Graham Chapman at his best, superb cast
Time Bandits
A Fish Called Wanda
Jabberwocky - twisted, dark, and funny