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I have visited London, England on several occasions and have enjoyed it immensely each time.  There is such a variety of cultural, historical, and commercial activities available that you could easily spend several weeks there just to see the highlights.  With each new visit I have tried to explore more and more of the city.  My mom and my wife, Roxianne enjoy browsing in the many bookshops on Charing Cross road.  The also like High Tea, a distinctly british custom.  My son Douglas likes to shop. Hamley's toy store and Harrod's are his favorite destinations.  I like to visit the many museums and galleries in the city, particularly the Imperial War Museum and the National Gallery.

Roxianne and Douglas pose in front of Big Ben

Douglas at the Imperial War Museum

A family photo in Trafalgar Square

Roxianne and my mom enjoy High Tea at Harrod's

Roxianne and Douglas(??) pose by the Church of St. Martins in the Fields

The Church of
St. Martins at night

Westminster Abbey

My mom, left, poses near the
entrance to the Tower of London

The Tower of London