Travel - Paris 1999
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In 1999 we had an opportunity to visit Paris, France for 5 days.  It all began when I received an e-mail from USAirways about deep discounted tickets to Paris.  I called Roxianne and asked her if she wanted to go to Paris.  Of course she said yes so four days later we were there. 

Paris is a beautiful city both architecturally and culturally.  We had a wonderful time exploring the many art galleries, museums, cathedrals, and shops in and around the city.  On a Sunday afternoon we visited the Palace of Versailles outside the city.  Douglas's favorite attractions were the Musee de Armee, a museum of archaic and modern weapons, and the Lego store that he found on the Champs Elyssee.  My favorites were the Musee d'Orsay and its collection of impressionists as well as the cathedral of Notre Dame.

Roxianne & Douglas pose in front of the Arc de Triomphe

Douglas poses in the plaza of Des Halle near our hotel

Douglas at the Musee de Armee

A view of Paris and gargoyles atop the Cathedral of Notre Dame

The view of Paris and the Seine River from Notre Dame

Roxianne poses on the top of the Arc de Triomphe

Douglas and Roxianne pose on a bridge across the Seine.  The Orsay museum is in the background

A view of the Tuilleries
Garden from the Louvre

The Forum Des Halles shopping plaza near our hotel

Roxianne and Douglas
pose in front of the
cathedral of Notre Dame

The Mona Lisa in
the Louvre

The Impressionist Gallery
 in the Orsay museum

Roxianne poses between two
paintings by Renoir

Douglas and Roxianne explore
the gardens at the Palace
of Versailles