I have always enjoyed travel and seeing the world.  I have been fortunate to have many opportunities to travel here in the United States and abroad.  On occasion my work takes me to some new location.  I prefer to travel when on vacation where you are not limited by the hectic schedule of business travel.

As I mentioned earlier, I have many different interests such as photograpy, beer-making, fishing, and castles that have been a part of my travel experiences.

Some of the more interesting places that I have visited include

North America        
Ontario Canada - Niagara Falls, North Bay,
Lake Nipissing
Florida - Orlando, Cape Canaveral, Tampa
California - San Diego, Palo Alto
West Virginia - Whole state
Vermont - Lake Champlain, Bennington
Pennsylvania - Whole state
Ohio - Whole state
Arizona - Grand Canyon, Phoenix, Tuscon, Sedona
Louisiana - New Orleans
Mexico - Tiajuana

England -
London, Salisbury, Cheltenham, Lake District, Northumbria
Scotland - Borders, Edinburgh, Highlands, Orkney, Skye, Mull
Wales - Caernarvon, Snowdonia, Caerphilly
France -
Germany - Munich
The Netherlands - Amsterdam, Delft, Bergen op Zum