The Purple Man

Real Name: Zebediah Killgrave
First Appearance: DareDevil 4
Died In: "Avengers: Emperor Doom" graphic novel
What's His Problem? While working as a spy for a foreign power, Zebediah Killgrave infiltrated a military base and accidentally doused himself with a chemical mixture that turned him purple. Discovered by guards, Killgrave gave them a flimsy excuse and was amazed when they accepted his story and let him go. Realizing he now had the power to verbally command anyone in his presence, Killgrave embarked on a career of lurid larceny as the Purple Man. Later, he tired of super-villainy ("I bruise quite easily") and devoted his powers to living a hedonistic life of leisure.
Powers: Killgrave could make virtually anyone do virtually anything he told them to do. Only a few exceptionally strong-willed individuals have proven immune to his power, notably the Kingpin and Doctor Doom, both of whom used Killgrave as a reluctant pawn. Killgrave's power was largely dependent on his physical presence due to chemicals he exuded naturally; however, his voice and visage also had limited hypnotic properties, as evidenced by his ability to influence some people who viewed him on television.
Favorite Quote: "It's simply no fun anymore! Total power over all who live is a beastly bore." (Marvel Team-Up Annual 4.)
Heroes He Kept Running Into: Purple Man was hunted repeatedly by Daredevil and the super-mercenary Paladin, but the guy who finally put the kibosh on him was Namor, the Sub-Mariner. When Doc Doom used an unwilling, super-charged Purple Man to take over the world, Namor became Doom's fawning lackey. When the Avengers freed Namor, he vented his wrath on Killgrave--fatally. That didn't stop Killgrave from paying one last visit to his daughter, Persuasion of Alpha Flight.
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: The Purple Man had no friends apart from the people he forced to like him. He actually married one of them and settled down for a while. (Editor's note: this is actually my choice for most despicable act; it isn't "settling down" when the partner is unwilling but mind-controlled -- Jeanne) This union produced a daughter (Kara Killgrave, the Purple Girl, AKA Persuasion), who inherited her dad's pallor and powers, using 'em for good as a member of Alpha Flight.
Most Despicable Act: Killgrave was a sadistic sort. He once drove the father of DD's girlfriend, Heather Glenn, to suicide; however, his greatest crimes came when he was in the employ of true criminal masterminds. At the Kingpin's command, he attempted the assassination of Spider-Man, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Daredevil and Moon Knight with a mob of mesmerized New Yorkers as accomplices; later, he helped Doc Doom seize the planet until Doom became sick of world domination and allowed the Avengers to defeat him.

by Sean McQuaid

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