Real Name: J.R. Walker, Junior
First Appearance: Daredevil 271
What's His Problem? Working for a government agency so secret he doesn't even know what its name is, Shotgun has often been hired out for jobs of a somewhat questionable nature. He loves his weapons -- the bigger, the better! He isn't one for subtlety, as anyone unfortunate enough to get in his way has found out.
Abilities: Shotgun is skilled in various types of combat and weaponry. He also is very strong and enjoys making smart remarks while shooting at people.
Weapons: Shotguns, of course! Big suckers, too. Also, those spikes on his costume? They're really mini-grenades. His sunglasses are actually infrared goggles. His car is also armed to the grill, and carries lots of heavy ordinance.
Favorite Quote: "I spy with my little eye... some real bad mothers right close by." Shotgun uses his "sunglasses" to get the drop on some Carbone enforcers, not leaving much behind.
Heroes He Keeps Running Into: Shotgun orignally ran into Daredevil while trying to recapture the genetically engineered Number Nine, who had befriended the Man Without Fear and eco-terrorist Brandy Ash. He failed both times, and Daredevil turned his billion dollar mini-tank into a billion dollar ashtray.
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: When he was hired to take out Johnny Tower (really the Punisher undercover) Shotgun, who had known the Punisher in Vietnam, agreed to help him take down the Carbone mafia family. Peter Parker's pal Gloria Grant might have some kind words for him. Or not.
Most Despicable Act: Shotgun doesn't care much if what he does is despicable or not, as long as he gets to use a lot of firepower doing it. Still, going after an innocent girl like Number Nine with enough firepower to invade a small country shows that Shotgun really needs a sense of perspective...

by Bobby Coakley

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