Midnight Dreams
Quotes/Time wasting fun

Mighty mighty mighty mighty might! Who puts the flavour in your bite! Blah dee blah blah with the retarded kangaroo and all. Mighty might!

I have questions...many questions...Why do people say its always in the last place you look? ...it would have to be, why would you keep looking after youve found it? and my brother told me that if you feed rice to pigeons they explode.

*shoves turkeys off a 10 story building* FLY, MY PRETTIES!

*shoves glowsticks up her nose and runs for the hills* Woooot!!!

Brr...cold...Nice Eskimo. AAAAHHH! IT'S GONE FOR THE NECK! AAAH! .... *dies*

Time wasting Fun
I am aware that this is illegal, so shut your pie holes. Me and my brother were bored one day so my parents made us go for a walk. I noticed that there was lots of junk mail in people's letter boxes, and figured they wouldn't mind if I stole some stuff. In one brochure thing there was a magnet, so we stole a lot of brochures and started to collect them all. When we got bored we stuck them all over this car for no reason really, but it looked funny anyhow. Tee hee hee. Anyways we walked past this garage sale and found this freaky old battered baby doll. It was for $2, but we bargained them down like cheap people. (eg. Eric) And got to 50c. So we payed up, stole a toy car and ran off kicking the baby doll down this hill until we got to our old house. We poured coke into the baby's eyes and put dirt and dog crap on it, then stuck it on the letterbox. The next day we found it was gone, so we found it in their garbage bin and stuck it back up again. They must have been sooo freaked out! XD

Date unknown
Well, me and a couple of friends were playing truth or dare and it was my turn to dare someone. We were at the park across the road and there was heaps of people there, mostly parents and kids. So I dared all of us to line up and sing 'I'm a little teapot' really loudly in the middle of the playground actions and all. People were clapping for us. Oh yeah, while all the people were still there my bro humped a pole.

Date unknown
And this other time there was this big tent pitched across the road, so me and my brother went over to see what the hell was happening. Turned out this old lady was having her 70th birthday party. We went along and coz there was so many people there we acted like we were part of the family thing. We ended up stealing all these toffees and cupcakes, so yummy. They were the best toffee things! Old ladies make em good.