Midnight Dreams
Ways To Creep People Out
I know you'll all love these. These are ways to creep people out. None of them are copied from emails, if they are I haven't gotten the emails yet so there. Try them, they should work. I will ;)

Whenever you blink, put your head to your shoulder and twitch or shudder a bit. Then walk around like nothings happened. Do this in town or a public place and watch the effect, it's brilliant.

  Get two bananas and draw smiley faces on them. Write B2 and B3 on them. Then if anyone asks what happened to B1, glance over your shoulder and say 'well, I'm not really supposed to talk about it'.

  Keep an egg next to your bed. Tell everyone it wakes you up in the mornings.

  Stare at people. Resist the urge to divert your glance even if they look at you. If they start waving, start glaring at them until they stop, then keep staring. Don't do this in classes though, teachers don't like it.

  Bite your nails down until they are as small as they can possibly go (hehehe). Oh, this isn't a good habit to get into though

  Eat something really weird. A good example of this is peanut butter on dry weetbix. Then tell everyone and see how many people do it. Oh, if it tastes bad, recomend it. Recomend people eat Nutri Grain and coke (instead of milk)

  Formulate plans to take over the world, then offer little bits of society to people. This is inspired by my good friend Dom C. Apparently, I get SEGA(tm) and America. Oh, remember, no more than 2 nukes can be held at a time, it's sorta a rule.

  Sing along with buskers. This may or may not be illegal, I'm not sure

  Put a hat on the ground outside your school canteen and sing a song. Ask people to sing along with you and start up a little choir.

  Walk up to someone and say to them 'Are YOU a typewriter?'. Some people will say 'yes' just to go along with it. When they do type, 'you are a typewriter' then smack them across the head and go DING.

  Use this joke at every opportunity. "Ask me if I'm an orange"
"Are you an orange?"
"Yes, I'm an orange. Ask me if I'm a carrot"
"Are you a carrot"
"No, I'm an orange, idiot".

  Two words: Pokemon Noises

  Pull your socks up as high as they'll go and wear them over the top of the ankles of your trousers.

  Run through town. Not jog, just sprint. Go as fast as you can through the crowds, then go back.

  Act like you're stealing something. Like, keep you hands in your pockets near a stall of small things, and look at the cashier. If they look at you divert your glance and whistle. Then act all shocked when the accuse you and prove your innocence. Storm out of the store vowing to never come back.

  Learn how to laugh to yourself, chuckle sorta. Then do that whenever there's a quiet moment. If somone asks about it, tell them it's just an old joke.

  Keep straws in your top pocket. Not just two, 32

  Tell everyone who'll listen that vanilla essence is 97% alcohol, then wink and walk away.

  STAND BEHIND PEOPLE AND EAVESDROP ON THEIR CONVERSATIONS. This is the most annoying thing you can do. Just be there and act like you're one of the gang and in on the convorsation but say nothing. (HELLO BRENDAN, HOW ARE YOU???).

  Have an argument with yourself over something purely trivial, like what darkness is made up of, or wether shadows get cold.

  Turn the volume up on the tvs in myers and sit down and enjoy the show.

  Walk through town with a boom box or similar cd player playing spice girls or Vanessa Amorosi going full bore

  Hum a mozart tune and if anyone asks you what song your humming, tell them it's a heavy metal band (pick your fav, I won't mention any coz I don't know any of their owners and legalities etc.)