Midnight Dreams
Stuff that'll help you through this site (also a few rules..) *shifty eyes*

1. On this site, you may encounter swear words.. im sorry about this, but usually we can't help ourselves, also we'll try to keep it to a minimum and we dont use badbad words anyways, so you'll live

2. NeloAngelo is also known as PAS or Alex now also Scribbler and Scribblerangelo

3. If you wish to join our Crew, i'm very sorry but u'll be let down. If we want you in, we'll ask you. (i know i sound like a bitch when i say that)

4. steal anything of Alex's, and i (RinoaAngel) will personally hunt you down and feed you to my guinea pig ^^ he's a lovely fellow..

5. a (-) infront of a link means its content is by scribblerangelo (i thought everyone should know his genius ^^)

6. in our MSN conversations.. we may have different names. you'll just have to bear with us on that.. you'll probably be able to guess who's who and not all of us change our names. i have never seen Inanimate Stove with a different MSN screen name..

7. alright, now i cant stress this enough people.. please do NOT steal any wallpapers/layouts etc.. i know we dont have much up right now, but some people are evil and do steal.. alright, here's the deal.. u want something (not including Alex's stuff) you can take it, but you MUST credit Midnight Dreams.. a simple link back will do. If you email us and say you've linked to us, we'll link to u. win win situation.. right??

8. alright, i know these rules and stuff sound harsh.. but i always seem to be writing them at late hours of the night. yes, thats right, you dont want to anger me at night.. especially if my guinea pig's around.. *evil grin*

9. more coming when more site is up.. i'm a touché person aye? : )