Midnight Dreams
Little Things (that you'd never notice pissed you off)

Words cannot describe how much I hate some things, that if I told you what they were would seem trivial. Here are some of them, please try and sympathise.

What are those little things on the end of shoelaces called? They are plastic but they have no name. (Actually, they may be called agglets, thanx twinnie ;) )

  When did someone think to eat yoghurt? I mean, anyone who knows that yoghurt is essentially rotten milk with the bacteria gone would feel the same.

  When someone says something insulting and when you say 'what?' coz you didn't hear it they go 'oh, don't worry'. It's not gonna matter a second time.

  Army Cadets. Two of my friends are cadets (one of them is a lance corporal, the other just a recruit) and all I here for about 20 minutes every day is 'hoochie hoochie drill sargent blah blah ration packs mag stove yack yack yack, and cadet jones said blah blah'. Seriously, it's gotta be worse for their minds then pokemon.

  Popstars. Was that last guy a flop or what??? Also, why did they keep that punk guy on for so long??? Even if he won he needs a band with him to help otherwise he's a guitarist with a dumb haircut.  

Those people who do blockies down the beach in their parent's commodore stationwagons with the radio (no sound system, just radio) blaring pop music. Sad. However, I did once see this brand new nissan 300zx with the lot including sound system. Made the shitbox with the broken muffler trailing it look bad.

  People who are obsessed with the Lord of the Rings but haven't read the books. For all of you out there, get a life, I have the pleasure of knowing how the story ends. Oh, anyone of you who emails me about this will have a reply containing the ending and all the little tidbits. Smile!!

  The Mcdonalds ad with the 3 chicks standing in an elevator. 1, they are in a perfectly straight line which is a little unreal for my tastes, 2, have you ever seen 3 chicks ALONE in an elevator? the odds of that are shocking, seeing as half the people I see in elevators are elderly or pregnant. Finally, 3, if my elevator stopped and before me was a gigantic icecream as far as the eye can see, I'd get off, wouldn't you??

  Lucida Handwriting Font, Also, Vivaldi which is even worse.

  Jane Austin. For your sake I pray to god that you aren't forced to watch this c*** in English because I swear to god nothing at all happens. It's one tea party after another. Be it Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice or anything similar, bring a pillow

  The logical song. I can normally stomach Techno but it just... ahhhhhhhhhh I hate it. Oh, hi josh.

  Renault. Chitty chitty bang bang

  That city motors ad where they say 'who gives you 25,000 reasons to buy a new car?' and it turns out you can win $25,000. Does that mean if they gave you the chance to win $2 they'd be giving you two reasons to buy a new car?