Midnight Dreams

a new MSN convo and now they have their own page ^^ they do have kinda crappy names.. especiall the second one but i couldnt be bothered of thinking a whole new name thingy mabo. Anyway, untill we can get off our lazy asses and write some rambles this'll have to do.

hmm.. new page called "layouts".. as u might guess, there are layouts in it. Only one at the moment.. but we're working on it.. its the holidays now so expect more updates. u know, im not even sure neone reads this stuff.. am i typing to myself i wonder? oh well.. i guess that happens. alright now in this layouts page, layouts by members of Midnight Dreams will be posted.. or put up as some say. We have a Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven one up right now.. i like tenchu heaps so i thought i'd makeone in honour of the game. Anyone with a PS2 who unfortunately stumbled here, go play it.. sweet game..

new quote up in the "stupid quotes inspired by seb", its at the bottom of the quotes as always. rambles are on the way, ember and i have written a lil so far.. and thats about it really. Inanimate Stove will be away for a while.. until wednesday actually. unless ofcause he finds a comp.. good luck stove! Alriiight!! we have a Link Us page now.. its under Links and we have buttons too ^^ will make more though.. its fun aye?

aye, my modem died. but anyways, NeloAngelo is now scribblerangelo and theres an MSN convo up (the one you sent me lex) yeah, but u didnt mention the sacrifice of a small sheep. oh yes, ember pointed out im a lil insane.

Ah hah!! we now come with a counter (the blue thingy under the back link) and um, members, if i catch ya online or at school i'll tell u the password and stuff to change the counter picture.. this one's just for trial seeming no ones chosen nething and no one's online right now *evil glares* neway, the Back link's there thanku Ember for the javascript.. i stoled it from u ^^

ah hah!! new stuff in Stupid Quotes Inspired by SEB. (they're at the bottom of the page thing, so scroll down..) and new member to Midnight Dreams, our friend Inanimate Stove ^^

AerisAngels's stuff's up now ^^ quite amusing.. and gonna add more of Nelo's when i have time too

Links Page up, and Nelo's "how to creep ppl out" good stuff that ^^

First Update ^^
mwahaa!! site's up and running, u may now link to it and the address is:
someone already took midnight-dreams.cjb.net.. so i had to skip on the second "i" in midnight. tricky that..