Darkham had been an assassin for king Morgan for as long as he could remember, raised by the church and taught herb lore and martial arts by the compillion monks before accepting the position of “the hand of justice”. Little had he known then that his kings “justice” was awry and that many of his targets would be innocent of the crimes they were accused of.
Too little, too late he had learned of his misdirected trust in his liege. It was with fervor that he cast the man down before turning his back on the only home he had ever known and severing his remaining ties to the kingdom.

It was about this time that Darkham's mother had died in his arms and he was released of the vow he had made to her os a child, a vow that had stopped him from tracking down his father and killing him. A father that had raped his mother and left her for dead.

Wandering alone in the wilderness on his personal quest for vengeance had consumed him body and soul, he knew not what he would do when his task has complete, a task that was made easier by his ability to smell and feel emotion as one might feel and smell an ocean breeze.

The ability that had been born within him and had taken years to decipher, at the two extremes the scents for love and hate created between them a spectrum of odors that ranged from sickeningly sweet to that of decaying flesh, concentration could tell one strand of emotion from another when confronted with more than one source and once grasped that emotion could lead him indefinitely over time and distance to its origins. It had proven many a man's bane during his previous role, a violent crime or infidelity leading him to his victim's as surely as a painted sign.

It was this talent that led him to the place where he was concieved nearly 60 years before. As he approached the soiled ground a vision came upon him with tore his vengeance cruelly from him for his father was already gone, killed in battle moments after the  dreadful act occurred.

Left a broken mess Darkham strives for a place to belong, a place to leave his memories and past behind him, where the souls of those he murdered for his king cannot scream at him as he sleeps. Darkham trusts no-one to any depth and has learned finally to discern justice for himself. He has a strong sense of honour and will not hesitate to kill any who question it.


Darkham's story unfolds here follow him and friends in a story of epic proportions.



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