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This is me. Enough said.

This site is now completely to music inspired by RA Salvatore's Drizzt Do'urden novels, as well as some other stuff that I've worked up for the land of Faerun. All of my music is done with a Yamaha keyboard. Generally I come up with a good tune, sit down at the keyboard, and plunk it out a few times until I have it solid. Then I have a go at a recording. You may notice that at maximum there are four tracks actually playing different music. My keyboard only handles four tracks of what I call human developed music, while the other 12 or so are devoted to computer generated drums and accompaiment. I'm still working out a better method to convert the songs to Mp3 format, so please, if they sound fuzzy, it's not your computer speakers. It's my equipment. ;) Also, the music does have mistakes in it. That's the result of only having at the moment recording capabilities.

TRACK 1 - Download this song

This is the main title music for the opening credits of the game. It eventually fades into the main menu song which is the haunting drow theme. The low and pounding theme heard once the song begins is Zak's theme. I can't quite remember (silly me since I wrote it) but I don't think Drizzt or the 'fighting' theme appear in the title anywhere in their entirety.

TRACK 2 - Download this songThese are just other tracks that can be used anywhere in the game. They don't have any other specific places. This second track is a bright and lively track that could be used for one of the few 'brighter' and more welcoming scenes in the game. It is one of the few brighter pieces that I have done. The rest are fairly dark.

TRACK 3 - Download this song See above comments. Honesly, I can't remember what this one is. You'll just have to listen to it.

Well, there you go! There will be more pieces later, from both the game and inspired directly from the novel.