Diyuhu & Soesh Turun
Diyuhu & Soesh
Darkling Dawn
Name: Diyuhu
Race: Anthropomorphic Bat (Swamp Clan)
Gender: Male
Age: 13

Build: Skinny
Hair: Dark grey, fluffy, to ears
Eyes: Red
Fur: Brown-black

Appearance: Diyuhu's quite short and skinny, with frail-looking limbs and an extremely light build. His body is covered in short, wiry brown-black fur and he has large, red eyes. He has an up-turned nose and large, bat-like ears, as well as fangs. His hair is cropped short, it's fluffy and dark grey, only a few shades off from his fur. His arms are bat-like wings, with three digits at the second joint forming a useable 'hand', with two more longer wing-tines.
Personality: Most of the time, Diyuhu is a selfish, mean-spirited little hellion. He is always stealing and pilfering stuff with no thought for others, he takes care of himself and doesn't care about anything else. However, he's often lonely and sad, though he works very hard not to let others see him as such, and he's actually quite naive and childish.
Past: Diyuhu's original home was deep in a swamp with other bat-anthros like himself, where he never saw any intelligent beings other than his own kind. He managed to find his way to Darkling Dawn, where he has been nothing but trouble to the residents. Bonding Soesh has, unfortunately, not helped his social skills much, as Soesh is too mellow and unassertive to check his behavior.

Bond: Soesh Turun
Name: Soesh Turun
Gender: Female
Color: Yellow (With black points and stars)
Breed: Wyld/Moirean/Silshar/Eastern Mutt
Dam: Crowarie Turun
Sire: Drash
Abilities: Vocal Speech, Light Breath, Fire Breath, Charm, Psionics, Voice Boosting
Personality: Cheerful and outgoing, she's pretty laidback and easygoing. She's the type who goes with the flow and has a good time doing it. She's quite optomistic and always willing to help others out of a depression or trouble.
Bond: Diyuhu